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My Praise FM
My Praise FM
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Help support this ministry by making your 2018 pledge and help us continue to reach people with the message of Jesus Christ!
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Earn your chance to win an Amazon Echo Dot and help share the message of Easter on My Praise FM!
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If you have an Amazon Echo or Echo Dot, listening to My Praise FM just became easier! Find out how you can give "Alexa" the skills to play My Praise FM!
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Check out our program schedule to see when you can hear your favorite programs on My Praise FM!
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We love hearing what you think of what we're playing! Join the My Praise FM Music Crew Survey Team! For listening and rating, you'll earn an entry to win an AMAZON ECHO DOT!
Feed children in Honduras with your pledge!
For Pledge Drive 2018 we are partnering with Children's Cup to help feed children in poverty-stricken Honduras! Click here to see the impact your pledge of $40 or more a month can have on a child's life!
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Do you have a business and want to support The House FM and My Praise FM? Find out how you can join our Business Team Directory and support the businesses that help make this ministry possible!
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Help us reach our goal as we continue to work toward raising our goal for 2018!
Share or View Area Easter Events!
Easter is right around the corner! Our Easter Events page is a service for churches and non-profit organizations to announce events that are open to the public, and for the public to find special Easter events and services for their families. Happy Easter!