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My Praise FM
My Praise FM
Carrie Cook-Fritz
Director of Donor Development

Carrie along with her husband Wes live in Norman and have three amazing girls named Schylar, Hannah and Zaniah.  She loves her family very much and in their spare time they are either hanging out, at the gym or in the community. They all love and serve their community as members of Antioch Church.  Carrie and her husband Wes also currently serve on the Board of Insight Ministries, a Christian counseling ministry dedicated to “Building Stronger Families”.


Carrie’s background includes more than a decade of service to KLOVE and Air1 Radio in Donor Development and Planned Giving.  She has also served other Non-Profit Christian Organizations where she has intergraded her expertise in helping ministries and donor partners come together with God’s financial provision to make a greater impact for the Kingdom, by reaching the lost for Christ. Carrie believes in building strong and lasting relationships and treating all people like family.  She is also very passionate about the power of prayer.


Please welcome Carrie as she begins her new journey with us!