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Giving Tuesday

Is this time of year making you reflect on what you are most thankful for?  The things that have the greatest influence on your life, like your family, friends, church, health, job, and your… Christian radio station?

Yes!  Christian radio is a great tool for daily prayer and encouragement.  It reaches the hearts and minds of listeners on a daily basis, reassuring them with songs that have the right lyrics at the right time, even leading some toward decisions for Christ!

Starting at 7 am on Tuesday Facebook will be matching all donations up to $7 million made on through their website! This means your donation can be doubled and make twice the difference! Click here to donate!

This Giving Tuesday, we ask you to consider the impact Christian radio has had on your life, and donate to this Christian radio ministry.

We are relying on the generosity of our listeners to meet our one-day fundraising goal of $10,000.
Here’s an exciting end of year bonus: every gift will benefit the Regional Food Banks of Oklahoma and Kansas.  Each gift of $100 to The House will feed 5 families.

We thank you so much for your support of The House this Giving Tuesday and all year-round!