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Share Your Story

Share your story with us this month for an entry to win a pair of Mark Lowry tickets for his show in Enid, OK on December 14th!

We would love to hear how Christ has impacted your life through this ministry. Right song at the right time? DJ spoke just to you? This is the place to share what God has done! “All believers, come here and listen, let me tell you what God did for me.” Psalm 66:16

We won’t share your email address or other information with anyone.

Each participant is granted one entry into a random drawing for a pair of Mark Lowry tickets in Enid, Oklahoma, on December 14th. One name will be drawn and announced as the winner. Contest runs through November 30th, 11:59 pm.

General rules

Isabelle from Altus, OK
11/24/2017 6:55 pm

Okay,I’m a 12 year year old and you’re probably thinking why in the world a 12 year old is sharing her story. Well I live in Altus,OK and I seen the HouseFM poster at Brewer’s Auto Supply and I told my Mom to tune in and I’ve been listening since 2011. But I’ve been doing bad in a few areas in my relationship with God,but I’ve been praying,I’ve been prayed for many times and I’ve been released of my burden.I hope my story inspires you and I’ll pray for you too!

Rose from Washington, OK
11/21/2017 6:57 pm

I’m very thankful for The House FM, as well as my 5 year old son is. It brought me through the hard times when I thought there was nothing, I’d turn on the House FM and the melodies would soothe my soul. I can’t explain the feelings I had but I can tell you this..the joy that y’all bring to my heart through music is indescribable, and what tops that is when you hear your 5 year old singing to you, “Oh breathe the breath of God,” after a rough day for mommy to try to give me high spirits. And it’s through Jesus Christ we are able to live in such joy! I started devoting myself in 2012 to only listen to the House FM, that lasted a month. But TODAY The House FM is the only thing that comes out these speakers 😍😍😍 Thank you all so much for what you do!

Lynshina from Carson, CA
11/21/2017 4:26 pm

Being on chemo a third time 2010,2013,2016. I’ve bern on five different chemo drugs since April of 2016 which has caused a lot of side affects and the on-going pain and round the clock discomfort from the cancer. Every thanksgiving for the past seven years we gathered at my brother and his wife’s home, well this year I told them because of the discomfort and pain I’ve been going through I won’t make it!
I received a phone call few days after informing my brother of me not attending the family gathering he said without hesitation they will pack up everything they have planned and bring to my moms house and that way I can enjoy the entire family.
I broke down and cried, I told him how thankful I was because this was a big decision I felt they made but he said it was without thought I was his sister and he loved me.
I am believing that by Jesus stripes I’m healed yet I have so much to be thankful for that’s family.

Timothy from Enid, OK
11/21/2017 4:25 pm

I found myself in some of the lowest places in my life where I felt that no one cared and that forgiveness was out of reach and about that time I turn on my radio and Drops in the ocean comes on. I got chills just knowing that God was speaking to me through the radio and letting me know how much he cared for me still. So I will be forever thankful for Christian radio and the house.

Tori from Ringwood, OK
11/21/2017 4:20 pm

Hi! I am a 15 year old girl. My mom always told me I had a heart for God. Chasing after His. I never took to much thought into it. When I was in the 5th grade I was bullied for the first time, but I also found my love to music that year. The bullying carried on the the 6th grade. My love for music did too. I fell into deppression my 7th grade year. I cried and sobbed wondering why? If God really loved me why? I went to church camp and felt like I got better. I also got close to a girl. She turned into my best friend in 8th grade. She taught me a lot. A lot of bad things. My deppression worsened and I began to cut myself and attempt suicide almost every day. I didn’t think about God at all. I wanted Him out of my life. But that’s not posssible. When I went to church camp the next year I have the girl up. And got help. I went to therapy everyday. I slipped once again. And when I went to church camp this year I felt God like I’ve NEVER felt him before. I believed I was going into music, God told me diffrent. I was called to be a youth pastor. After that I strived to be the best I could for God. Everyday I prayed and read my bible. Then, I “feel in love” with a senior, who happened to be my brothers best friend. I was head over heels for him. And I turned back to my old ways. I thought I was better. But thoughts of suicide and death ran through my head so often. It was crazy man. I gave him up to. And I have a wonderful youth pastor in my life now who keeps me in check and helps me every day. Now, every time my mom says you are a girl after Gods heart. I belive her. I have grabbed ahold of Him. I am 15 years old I have preached for my church and am preaching for the Mercy House in Enid Oklahoma December 6th. God has changed my life in many ways and I give all to Him. I can’t wait to share my story with the world.

R from NA, OK
11/20/2017 3:16 pm

About a year and a half ago, I went for two months without a paycheck. I am still trying to work myself out of the mess & debt that caused. So, financial stress. And about a year ago, I got divorced & moved. So that added emotional stress & took away any remaining stability in my life… So now I’m trying to figure out this life as a single mom. And I listen to both stations. I listen, I pray, I cry. I use the Mindbenders to enhage my kids, and sometimes i really just turn the songs on loud to diffuse arguments with my kids. I listen to just generally try to bring some calm into my life. One day, maybe I’ll be singing along to “it is well with my soul” and that will actually be true. Until then, thanks for the reminders that God’s got me covered in the storms, too.

Kelly from Wichita, KS
11/14/2017 1:51 pm

I was in a domestic violence relationship for two and a half years on June 16th my son flew home from LA and made me leave and I never looked back I pressed in with God. house FM is my lifeline talks to me sings to me all day long I work and drive in my car and 5 months ago, I was a prisoner in my own home. NOW I’m free, free as I’ve been in my whole life and this is my life line and I just want to thank you for all the songs and all the Inspirational Bible verse and everything cuz I’m a changed person I’m free and I thank you for your station. My heart’s desire is to reach out to ladies in domestic violence relationships and let them to see the freedom you can have when you call Jesus name.

Randy from Ponca City, OK
11/10/2017 8:17 am

God has used both The House FM and My Praise FM in many different ways to minister what he knows that I need to hear and know from him, no matter what it is. I actually discovered both networks on the internet in 2010 around late July early August of that year. I did not know anything about Ponca City, Oklahoma. Little did I know after discovering The House FM and My Praise FM on the internet in 2010, I found out in 2011 that my brother, Richard Payne, who now lives in the Philippines actually lived at Ponca City at that time. Now then I didn’t know that God had plans for me to move to Ponca City, Oklahoma from Kansas City, Kansas in the spring of 2015, April of that year and live in Ponca City and go from listening to both The House FM and My Praise FM on the internet to listening to the networks on KJTH-FM 89.7 and KLVV-FM 88.7 here in Ponca City. While living in Ponca City I had the chance to be part of the street team for both networks, volunteering to help with the free movies at the Poncan Theatre in down town, Ponca City, to helping with Kid DJ Day and so forth. I got to know a lot of the DJ’s and staffs that works for the two networks. Matter of fact I actually asked Josh Evans if he would be interested in being my roommate here at my home in Ponca City in 2016. He had to turn my offer down, because well lets just say, he was engaged to be married and God had other plans for him and his wife there in Columbus, Ohio for him to work at 104.9, The River, a Christian radio station, there. When I discovered The House FM and My Praise FM on the internet in 2010, I lived in Ottawa, Kansas working as volunteer DJ at Christian Mix 90.5 F, KRBW, a Christian radio station in Ottawa, Kansas. The House FM and My Praise FM is AWESOME!!!!!!!!

Bailey from Enid, OK
11/10/2017 8:17 am

In 2005 my younger brother had a mental break down and got sent to an institution for a few months. During the same time I lost my grandma and grandpa within three months of each other. All of this affected me to where I pulled away from church for a few years. When I moved back home after college I started attending church with my parents. In the summer of 2010 the Pastor we had at the time asked me if I would be interested in becoming the youth director for the church. I prayed about it and the lord spoke to me and I became the youth director that year. I have spent the last 7 years as the youth director at church. The youth group I led went to many camps, christian concerts, and many other activities. I believe the lord led me to come back to church and to lead the future youth of the church.

Madi from Ponca, OK
11/8/2017 10:40 am

So one thing that has stuck with me is I was told once that God did not give up on us so we should not give up on ourselves or others.